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Spider Infestations /or Problems

 Spiders are small, inconspicuous eight legged creatures that play an important role in keeping insect populations in check. There are literally hundreds of types of Spiders and only a small few in the New York area pose any threat to people and pets. However some can bite and the bite of some species of Spider can cause health problems. The most common Spider complaints have to do with issues of their WEBS and cleanliness, and more commonly a fear of Spiders a PHOBIA to Spiders called Arachnophobia is the most severe of fears of Spiders.

Signs of Spiders in a residence or place of business is more of a bulletin that the home or commercial space has other insect issues. If Spiders can live within a structure, then there has to be a food source, therefore you probably have more than just a Spider problem, but another pest that the Spiders are feeding upon. Like many of the inspections a Pest Control Tech makes, there are often secondary problems that are tied into a food chain of pests and/or conditions that allow and/or exasperate a pest problem.

If YOU think you have a Spider problem, then call Louie Exterminating. Our experienced and highly trained, Certified Pest Control Techs will identify the Spider, and proceed with a comprehensive approach to the treatment/elimination of the problem and associated conditions, removal of webs and nests, using manual and chemical means always utilizing a Green Pest Management Approach to assure that we only target the pests without any negative impact to your home/business, family/staff, and the environment.

Contact Louie Exterminating  Pest Control for more information about our rodent pest control and exterminator services in New York City. Call us today at 718-581-8827.












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