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Carpenter Bees

What do carpenter bees look like?

Carpenter bees are a large species of bee found in New York and Connecticut that range in size from ½ - 1 inches in length. They resemble bumble bees, but do not have a hairy abdomen like a bumble bee; their abdomen is black and shiny. They also do not live in colonies; carpenter bees are a solitary insect.

What dangers do carpenter bees pose?

Male carpenter bees are aggressive, but do not have a stinger. Female carpenter bees do have a stinger but rarely do they use it unless directly handled. The holes they create can cause enough damage to weaken the structure of your home.

Why do I have them?

Carpenter bees do not eat wood, but bore circular holes in it to lay their eggs; they also use the holes to nest in over the winter. They prefer bare, unpainted, weathered softwoods. These areas often include decks, porches and sheds. Breeding pairs and consecutive generations often come back to the same area year after year to make their nests, increasing the amount of damage.

Can I get rid of carpenter bees myself?

In order to completely eradicate carpenter bees you need to be certain you have found and treated every hole that they have created. If you leave one or two holes untreated infestation is likely to reoccur. There is also the danger of being stung and having an allergic reaction.

Why choose Bliss to get rid of carpenter bees?

Due to the possibility of being stung and having an allergic reaction carpenter bees should only be handled by professionals. Louie Exterminating   Pest control will be able to customize a treatment plan to completely eliminate carpenter bees safely from your home.

How can I prevent carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees do not like to create holes in wood that is stained or painted, therefore painting or staining wooden structures such as porches, decks and sheds is a good way to prevent them from picking those areas as a nesting spot.

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