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Bee Problems

Bees and Infestations
Like wasps, different bee varieties have different nesting behaviors. Honey bees and bumble bees are social creatures who create large communal hives with nesting galleries and large honey combs. Wood boring bees nest as individuals, with each bee boring its own egg and nectar gallery. Honey bee hives can be active for years, while bumble bee colonies die off each year.

How to Deal with a Bees?
If you have a bee infestation, you have a multi-faceted problem. Getting rid of the bees is just the first step. Dealing with the mess caused by rotting honey and ensuring the bees don't come back are major considerations. Even usually docile bumble bees will attack if threatened. Unless you know the size and extent of the hive and can safely deal with it from a distance, it is best to call in a professional. Be aware that potentially deadly allergic reactions to bee sting venom are common. Keep pets and children well away from any suspected nesting sites until you get a professional inspection.

Bees Common to New York.

Bees are commercially valuable and an important part of our ecosystem, but in the wrong place at the wrong time, they can become pest. Our area most typically encounters infestations from these species:

  • Honey Bees: These busy half-inch long insects have fuzzy dark yellow and black striped bodies and a have a barbed stinger that can continue pumping venom even after the bee has died.
  • Bumble Bees: These large bees range can reach an inch and a half in size and are covered by downy pale yellow and black hair.
  • Carpenter Bees: Less fuzzy than bumble bees, these bees are noted for their ability to tunnel into wood structures to build their nests.
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